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home > the punisher > quotes « movie details. the punisher 29%. i used to get * upset* when the yankees won the series.

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so if that' s what upset means, what am i feeling now? this book did everything a punisher story should do and more. brutal, vulgar, bloody; just a couple words that describes ennis’ punisher. as a fan of crude and violent things, this was my sh* *.

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but, this book is certainly not for the squeamish nor for any younglings. here is my review of the punisher max vol. 1: in the beginning: the good:.

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the punisher was named the 19th greatest comic book character of all time by movie magazine empire, saying that he is the " grimmest and most compelling of characters" and praising the punisher max series. ign ranked punisher at # 27 in top 100 comic book heroes, describing him as " no superhero".

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jon bernthal fun facts, quotes and tweets. jon bernthal is set to reprise his role as comic book vigilante the punisher in a new stand alone series. the walking dead star portrayed the character. the impressively muscular chest of tom jane is the focal point of the punisher, a movie based on a marvel comics superhero.

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frank castle ( jane, deep blue sea) retires from the fbi, which means- - as any moviegoer expects- - that his family is toast. the punisher quotes 63 total quotes. dave frank castle harry heck.

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The punisher quotes comic book series

Marvel show marvel dc movies marvel heroes marvel comics frank castle punisher daredevil punisher comic book characters comic movies the punisher quotes comic book series the punisher quotes an attack on a prominent politician is analyzed again and again from different points of view. View quote " god' s gonna sit this one out. Wolverine, the punisher quotes comic book series wolverine the punisher quotes comic book series and the punisher: damaging evidence now i know i' m an old geezer who' s been out of the comic book scene for a while, but when i was growing up i remember thinking that the fucking punisher was the baddest motherfucker on the planet. After their death he gets hunted down and in the process, becomes.

The image series i believe,. The punisher ( tv series) follows frank castle who is haunted by the murder of his family. Browse the collection of the best quotes from marvel' s the punisher. The punisher must smuggle a mob boss out of. Frank crosses the path of a racist organization known as the army of the new american the punisher quotes comic book series revolution.

It was written by steven grant, with art by mike zeck and mike vosburg. Punisher | marvel punisher: comics. ' allo ' allo 11. These wednesday addams quotes are from the addams family series. The madmen who made preacher a best- selling book are back for another round! Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by the punisher quotes comic book series authors you know and love.

I think the punisher is a fantastic character the punisher quotes comic book series and have always wanted to get into the comics. Jon bernthal as the punisher in the new series on netflix. What is or are some of your favourite comic book quotes? The punisher was a twelve- issue comic book limited series also known as welcome back, frank written by garth the punisher quotes comic book series ennis with art by steve dillon which was published under the marvel knights imprint of marvel comics. Possibly the most enduring darker and edgier anti- hero ever to appear in a comic, the punisher is one of marvel' s most reliable cash cows, a vigilante man and judge, jury, and executioner whose only passion is finding and executing criminals in the the punisher quotes comic book series most brutal ( and sometimes imaginative) ways possible. It' s not the usual punisher which has focused the punisher quotes comic book series on mayhem and dark humor.

The punisher quotes all series. , amazing character. 2 was the first ongoing series featuring the character. The punisher, vol. This page contains a listing of all notable quotes by or about frank castle ( earth- 616). It may not be the definitive list, so please add any important quotations that may be missing, ensuring to the punisher quotes comic book series cite the original source.

On november 17, netflix will release the first explosive 13 episodes of marvel’ s the punisher, a direct spin- off of the popular series daredevil. It proved so popular that not much later, a new ongoing series, the punisher ( ) was started with the same creative team. The punisher is a marvel comic book series featuring the character frank castle, also known as the punisher, written by greg rucka. However, the character has undergone a number of notable changes beyond a name change to " micro" ( even there, the punisher often referred to him as " micro" in the comic books). L than a mercenary.

Discover and share punisher comic book quotes. View " the 5 most badass moments in punisher comic book history" and more funny posts on dorkly. Today marks the premiere of the punisher on netflix, but who is the character and how far back can his history be traced in the comic books? Here’ s 5 things i think you should know about the punisher ( tv series). " punisher who more closely resembles a navy s.

The punisher the punisher quotes comic book series actually scares the jokerthe joker never gets rattled. Punisher may be in over his head with a heavily- armed crime ring in los angeles. In the punisher ( ) # 1. And this time out, the takedown of the punisher quotes comic book series the punisher quotes comic book series crime goes global! Share quotes with friends.

When his plans are inevitably foiled by a series of bams, biffs and kapows, joker. Robot concept art comic book characters comic books art comic book artists comic artist marvel cosplay punisher comics marvel comics cool artwork max dunbar art — a sketch of maverick, wolverine and sabretooth. Frank castle is about to wage war. After several movie depictions, the punisher will finally get his own marvel netflix series.

The punisher quotes have become very popular on the internet in this modern era. One liners, conversations, moments. 1 was a five- issue comic book limited series ( january to may 1986). The start of the punisher craze in marvel comics that lead to punisher war journal, punisher war zone, and countless guest appearances on other comic books. With three movies, several lengthy comic book runs, and countless crossover appearances, there’ s a good chance the punisher quotes comic book series you already know who the punisher is, or the general gist the punisher quotes comic book series of the character at least. Howard saint joan multiple characters quentin glass.

Created by steve lightfoot. Our favorite quote: " you have to do whatever it takes to take care of the people you the punisher quotes comic book series love. Com is the source for marvel comics, digital comics, the punisher quotes comic book series comic strips, and more featuring iron man, spider- man, hulk, x- men and all your favorite the punisher quotes comic book series superheroes. There are so many wednesday addams quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of [. Story by mike baron.

With jon bernthal, amber rose revah, ben barnes, jason r. Better stock up the armory, frank. It ran for 104 issues ( july 1987 – july 1995) with seven annuals ( 1988 – 1994). I enjoy this version of the punisher. Many people across the world take time to read through the punisher quotes because of how powerful they are.

A modern re imagining of a marvel icon, with surprises to keep more classic comic book entertainment. Adam thompson realized that, as a comic book fan, he often makes art specifically for other comic book fans. Comic book issues" the punisher # 16 & 17 ( tv episode ) quotes on imdb: the punisher quotes comic book series memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, tv series and more.

Art by klaus janson. See the world' s best properly the punisher quotes comic book series cited quotes from marvel' s the punisher ( tv show). The punisher # 1 is a fantastic comic book and a must have for punisher fans.

Punisher quotes that will show you how badass he is. Punisher ( 6th series) comic books. Writer nathan edmondson reinvigorates the punisher in this good and gory series.

This series of the punisher continues the tradition of matt fraction' s war journal series and rick remender' s previous punisher series and places the character firmly in the ongoing marvel universe inhabited by superheroes such as the avengers and spider- man. I have this issue and every other punisher title ever produced. 63 13 reasons why 24: live another day 30 rock a discovery of witches a series of unfortunate events after life alcatraz alias alias grace the punisher quotes comic book series ally mcbeal altered carbon american crime story american gods american horror story and then the punisher quotes comic book series there the punisher quotes comic book series were none arrow ash vs evil dead atlanta awkward. I' m the punisher quotes comic book series new to this site and pretty much just getting into the comic book scene. " best quote ever. This is a more calculated " black ops.

Avengers games, comic the punisher quotes comic book series book heroes, comic. Bobby saint ( james carpinello), son of organized crime boss howard saint ( john travolta), is. I don' t have the scan but when punisher says " kung fu this. Great comic book.

The punisher brings the comic book icon to life in the punisher quotes comic book series this adaptation of the marvel comics series. They are led by an ex- army colonel whose hate for those different from himself rivals castle' s hate for criminals. The most notable supporting cast member from the punisher' s comic book series, microchip, makes his television debut on marvel' s the punisher.

Find out who said what and in what episode. He created this “ heroic words of wisdom” series in the hopes he can reach and inspire more than his fellow comic book fans. After the the punisher quotes comic book series murder of his family, marine veteran frank castle becomes the vigilante known as " the punisher, " with only one goal in mind: to avenge them.