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title: 12bh7a author: general electric subject: ja- fpcreated date: 10: 41: 14 pm. the 6p7s output beam power tetrode is designed for operation in line scanning output stages of tv receivers.

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this tube is not a direct 6bg6 clone, it is an octal modification of g- 807 tube, which one was soviet clone of famous 807. tube 6k8 or röhre 6k8 id2702, triode- hexode, octal ( int. octal, io) k8a, usa 1935 and frequency converter shown.

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radio tubes are valves. 6n8s 6sn7gt 6h8c russian 6sn7 6n8c 6h8c 6sn7 6sn7gt, the best choice for audio, tube, radio lampa russian 6sn7gt equivalent, built to fullfill russian military standards, they are very quality built and sonically superior to today’ s current production! 5c8s rectifier svetlana tubes lot of 25 in factory box data production 1977 " star" marked.

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russian svetlana factory 5c8s is double- anode full rectifier tube the tubes are never used. military equipment. 5r4gy brown base ( 5r4gy= 5v filament @ 2a, piv= 2800v, imax= 150ma, tube vdrop = 67v @ 250ma dc) ( piv= 2400v @ imax= 175ma, piv= 2100v @ imax= 250ma) ( y= brown base) ( a 5r4gy is clearer and more airy sounding than a 5u4gb, but the 274b we 1930' s- 1950' s will blow each away, it is the best; awesome transparency and inner resolution) - world audio design 300b pse - cary. the 6k8g is the classic triode hexode frequency changer or mixer for broadcast applications.

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for isolation of the input and output circuits the signal is taken in via the top cap. the connections under the lower mica. in the foreground is the triode anode. the cathode is common to.

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title: 7984 author: general electric subject: ja- fpcreated date: 1: 02: 16 am. the exhibit has a clear glass bulb and would rely on external shielding where other mixers had external zinc paint sprayed on to provide screening. medium- mu twin triode. the 6c8g vacuum tube is a glass octal type used as a voltage amplifier and phase inverter in radio equipment.

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6k8g tube data booklet

It) - audio note monoblocks - audio note quest mono amps - berning siegfried - tektron preamp and amp - 6k8g tube data booklet new audio. These files are in adobe acrobat pdf format. 6j5g= 10e/ 348 gec england black oval plates * these 6j5g are nice in equipment designed and made by caccamo attilio, italy ( www.

Com 6gk6 power pentode tube [ vt- 6gk6] - 6gk6 tube, new old stock, boxed. 6gk6 tube datasheet, cross reference,. The first grid of 6k8g tube data booklet gold! 6bk11 nos ampeg tube, n/ a see 6c10. Com goes on vacation from 11 to 27 april. Over the decades many different ways have been developed to produce the two out of phase signals to drive push- pull power output amplifiers.

Information presented can be from 6k8g tube data booklet tube manuals. The fdp counts on you. Warning: substitutes are given as a guide only - please refer 6k8g tube data booklet to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. Title: 6c4 6k8g tube data booklet author: 6k8g tube data booklet general electric subject: ja- fpcreated date: 10: 54: 24 pm.

See ' vademecum' pages. I have heard tell of people building radios like this one on a nicely finished wooden chassis in a clear plastic case so everything is visible. Appendix of přehled elektronek 1956 translated to english. The tube manufacturer chooses these values to provide acceptable serviceability of the tube,. For a car radio that uses a single tube in single ended output, you could most likely get along with either tube, provided it is a six volt set with the filaments in parallel. When this type is used in a high- gain amplifier, hum may be reduced or eliminated by grounding pin 7 or by grounding the arm of a 100- to- 500- ohm potentiometer across the heater terminals.

Title: 6k6gt author: rca subject: fpcreated date: 12: 08: 55 6k8g tube data booklet am. For a push- pull output, both tubes need to be the same, regardless of type chosen. In its day, it was considered a " normal" triode with somewhat different curves from the 6j5. Master datasheet type index. 6e6p- dr audiophile tetrode tube.

Applicable to a bogey electron tube of a specified type as defined by its published data and should not be exceeded under the worst probable conditions. The one we will begin with here appears in rca tube manuals numbers rc20 through rc30 spanning the years 1960 through 1975. Clickable types in the ' tube type list'.

You can use the 6k8g tube data booklet 6c10 in it' s place. Electrontubestore. Octal, io) k8a, usa 1935 and pentagrid ( old) shown. Tube 6a8g or röhre 6a8g id2688, pentagrid- converter ( heptode), octal ( int. Super strong and long life 6k8g tube data booklet ( version " dr" ), military equipment ( ' otk', military rhombus stamped).

My hb- 3 data collection! Title: 6f8g author: tung- sol subject: ja- fpcreated date: 6k8g tube data booklet 11: 22: 46 pm. Like mentioned 6j5, 1/ 2 6sn7 and 1/ 2 12au7 will all work in most circuits designed for 6c4 but this won' t be found in books. 3v filament current: 760ma pentode plate voltage: 330v.

Tube data sheet locator. God bless america and our men and women in uniform * * illegitimi non carborundum! Here you' ll find manufacturers' data sheets and curves for many popular ( and some not so popular ) electronic valve types.

Printed with the ampeg logo on them. The 6bk11 was used in early ampeg jet j12d some rockets and reverberockets. 3v filament current: 150ma pentode plate.

You can purchase items, but there may be. I am working on scanning and placing on this page the entire rca hb- 3 tube manual. Three tube superhet radio now this is a radio you well may want to build in some permanent form. Mullard magic stocks vintage radio, military radio like r1155, t1154, ws19, military spare parts, valves, tubes by gec brimar mullard ecc83 kt66 ecc32 u52, radio components early wireless, 6k8g tube data booklet vintage radio, domestic vintage radio, old technology of all kinds. Substitutes: 6hb6 eia base: 9gk filament voltage: 6. The 6c5 is an interesting tube: it is actually the guts from a 6j7 sharp- cutoff pentode mounted in a single- ended octal metal package, internally triode- connected into a medium- mu triode.

Performance wise this is equal to an all american five. Data sheetsintroducing short data. Using the pentode- triode tube as the amplifier- phase splitter. Name: 6e12n- v: type: tetrode: application: hf voltage 6k8g tube data booklet and power amplification: cathode type: oxide, indirect heating: envelope: nuvistor- type, metal- ceramic: mass, g.

The 6k8g tube data booklet most critical stage for these was the tremelo, first tube in j12d, so you can get away with buying one of these and using a 6c10 for the. Title: 6kv6a author: rca subject: pm- ja- fpcreated date: 9: 14: 6k8g tube data booklet 01 pm. If you benefit and learn from the fdp and enjoy 6k8g tube data booklet our site, please help support us and become a contributing member or make a donation today!

Double triode, 6k8g tube data booklet 6h8c datasheet, 6h8c circuit, 6h8c data sheet : etc, alldatasheet, datasheet, datasheet search site for electronic 6k8g tube data booklet components and semiconductors. As of 3/ 5/ 05, i have finished scanning the general section, receiving tubes part 1, receiving tubes part 2, miscellaneous, special- purpose receiving- type tubes, thyratron, ignitron, and glow- discharge tubes, and most of the transmitting tubes, as well as all. If you can' t find what you need here, try duncan' s tube data sheet locator. Frank' s electron tube pages 1 year!

Those who have grown accustomed to the poor. With almost 1000 datasheets and the visitor counter indicates over 4000! Tested working and guaranteed 30 days. Title: 6es8 4es8 author: sylvania subject: ja- fpcreated date: 9: 33: 45 pm. Title: 6f6g 6k8g tube data booklet 6f6gt author: rca subject: ja- fpcreated date: 2: 33: 18 am. Tubes can' t be substituted since they have different bases but are electrically similar.

Substitutes: 6au6, 6ba6, 6hr6, 6hs6 eia base: 7bk filament 6k8g tube data booklet voltage: 6. Sorry no more stock. Com 6ak6 power amplifier pentode tube [ vt- 6ak6] - 6ak6 tube, new old stock, boxed.